Due to its free range of motion, the shoulder is subject to frequent injury and dysfunction.

  • HIP

    Hip conditions can be very debilitating.

  • KNEE

    A common injury that can often result in significant time lost through recovery.


    Reduced range of motion, swelling, and pain with various forms of arthritis cause elbow joint pain.


    Injuries are common and can hinder your daily living so it is important that any problems are treated.

MSK Guide
Ultrasound & Diagnostics


MSK; abbrev. for Musculoskeletal
GUIDE; acronym for Guided Ultrasound Injection &Diagnostic Experts.

Rachel Jablon-O'Grady, RMST, is the founder of MSK Guide and a specialist in musculoskeletal ultrasound with over 20 years of experience. Rachel received her training through experts at Thomas Jefferson University and completed numerous specialty workshops and advanced level training courses. Rachel has helped to devise and implement highly specific protocols for performing diagnostic ultrasound examinations as well as Perfected techniques for performing ultrasound guided injections

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