Un-Nerving Pain

The hustle and bustle of our daily lives can leave little time for things like addressing aches and pains. We tell ourselves that they are part of life and everyone deals with them. Taking time out to address them is only something a weak person with far too much time on their hands would do.

We go to work and muscle through our daily tasks and on really ambitious days; hit the gym and maybe take a Pilates class.

The achy knee is there, the outside of the elbow has that throbbing from time to time but we can tough it out. Life goes on until… there is a nerve involved.

The pain isn’t localized anymore; it has begun to radiate to other areas. Perhaps down the inside of your arm or down the back of your leg. Maybe your fingers or toes are tingling. Your hands and grip are weak and you are beginning to drop everyday things like coffee cups, car keys or utensils. You’ve begun to notice your foot drop on one side and you can’t seem to raise it. Oftentimes there are even visible symptoms such as muscle atrophy or twitching.

Now instead of brushing it off you are forced to address it. The pain has you sidelined and not to mention a little bit scared. You have…unnerving pain.

The very first step in treating nerve related pain is understanding the root cause of it and where it is originating. In order to do this accurately, it is ideal to see a physician who specializes in nerves, better known as a neurologist or neurophysiatrist.

Dr. Raj Singh, MD of Barrow Neurological Institute (BNI) specializes in uncovering and treating tricky nerve related issues. He sees the patients that have been through the mainstream healthcare system yet have not gotten better. Not every patient is a surgical candidate and even more so, surgery is not always the appropriate or indicated solution.

In fact, leading neurosurgeons and orthopedists, who have exhausted their scope of practice and treatment options, refer their patients to Dr. Singh. Their hope is that with his unequivocal expertise, he will uncover the most effective way to resolve the patients persistent pain and ongoing nerve issues.

Dr. Singh’s approach is very unique. He spends an extensive amount of time with each patient and gets to know their medical history, daily lifestyle and positional anatomic habits.

In order to treat nerve pain effectively, it is absolutely critical to have a crystal clear diagnosis.

Dr. Singh uses MSK Ultrasound in his clinic as an extension of his clinical examination. This gives him the advantage of being able to clearly see beneath the skins surface in order to rule his initial diagnosis in or out. He also has EMG on sight which allows him to follow the pathway of the nervous system. This enables him to determine if there is entrapment or damage to the nerves and where it is originating. In most cases, he will follow this up with a very detailed MRI which gives another view of the underlying anatomical structures and positioning.

Dr. Singh’s understanding of the nervous system is unprecedented. He has a remarkable ability to understand what is happening beneath the surface of the skin and hone in on the areas he believes are the culprit of a patients’ pain and symptoms.

This skill set is the reason patients come from around the world to see him.

Nerve related pain can be overwhelming and scary but it doesn’t have to be. Establish a crystal clear diagnosis, get a treatment plan in place and allow the application of modern medicine to go to work for you.

Best of health,

Rachel O’Grady, RMST
President and Founder, MSK GUIDE

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