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“A lifetime of horseback activities left me with terrible hip pain. At 64 years old I was told I needed a hip replacement. After 3 years of cortisone injections with minimal relief I was ready for that new hip. Thankfully a friend recommended .... ultrasound to diagnose the problem and recommended non invasive treatment, regenerative therapy. I left the office in one hour with no pain. Its 3 months later and I have zero hip pain. The staff and all personnel were a pleasure to work with. Rachel (of MSK Guide) personally called me at least 3 times over the weekend to check on my progress. Health care in Arizona is in good hands with Rachel.”

Dave, Scottsdale, AZ

“It’s been 50 days since my injection. For the last two weeks I have been able to walk 3 miles on the treadmill 4 times a week, pain free!! So awesome and after I have been stretching I have no pain riding either. I am excited and thankful for you and this rodeo season. I plan to start competing again in March.”

Troy, Wyoming

“I couldn’t lift my right arm due to a calcified tendon. I’m self employed and I had been out of work for two months, had tried physical therapy and just about every other treatment under the sun with no relief and my savings depleted quickly. Rachel, the ultrasound tech, was able to pinpoint the exact location of the calcification and the doctor administered a steroid injection the same day. 3 days later, I had about 80% movement restored and almost no pain!! After a follow up treatment the calcification was completely dissolved. Thank you!!!”

James, Gilbert AZ

“It was a very relaxed and down to earth experience in the clinic…the injection was over before I realized it had even begun. Not only can I finally sleep on my shoulder for the first time in 6 months, I am ready to get back to winning some team-ropings!”

Casey, Milesville, South Dakota

“I just wanted to thank you for your kindness and professionalism when I had my regenerative therapy injections in my hip. It could not have been a better experience. But most of all thank you sooo much for taking my pain away. I am almost 5 weeks post and it gets better every day.”

Cindy, Phoenix AZ

“I was told regenerative medicine was my only option when it came to managing my hip pain after my surgery. It has been 14 months since my total hip replacement and although my hip moves much better, I have had a sharp pain in the front of the hip that catches me off guard on a rather regular basis. It is something that I have begun to anticipate and forces me have to think twice before I set out to do something. Even going to Target is unnerving because I know by the time I get in the store, I will have that same pain creep back in.

I went back to my surgeon a couple of times, who I think very highly of, and he told me that the imaging showed the prosthetic components were in perfectly and there was really nothing more that he can do. He suggested that I get an MSK Ultrasound to explore further into the soft tissues, tendons and ligaments as he felt this was most likely the catalyst for my pain.

I was recommended to call the MSK GUIDE Center where they specialize in this type of ultrasound –musculoskeletal. It was revealed on the ultrasound that there was a dense area of scar tissue that was lodged into the soft tissues around the adductor tendons (in the region of the groin which was exactly were my pain was). To make it even more of a nuisance, some of the adjacent nerve endings were entangled in this scar tissue which explained the sharpness of the pain. After seeing the ultrasound, the physician gave me some options and told me there was a great chance he could help. He suggested we do a very specific injection using the guidance of the ultrasound to help us reach the exact site of irritation. Then he would inject a small amount of a numbing agent right into the damaged area, wait a few minutes and have me try and reproduce the pain to see if it had diminished. If it did, this would be a great indication that a more powerful regenerative therapy (in my case it was amniotic allograft), would likely help. The end goal was to reduce the inflammation, most specifically around the irritated nerve, and help me increase my mobility.

I experienced about 75% relief after that very accurately placed shot of numbing medication and was already day dreaming about everything I could go do with my pain so significantly reduced. I decided to give the regenerative therapy a go. An MSK Ultrasound specialist isolated the problematic area once again with the ultrasound and the physician proceeded to do a ‘hydrodisection’ to break up some of the scar tissue and then inject the liquid amnion. The precision of this procedure was enthralling, and it all happened right in front of my eyes.

It has been 3 months since that ultrasound guided injection and my pain has reduced almost completely. I am involved in a fitness regimen to help strengthen the support structures around my hip and am participating fully in my life again. I am extremely fortunate to have had an incredible team in my corner. I believe whole heartily that the clarity the ultrasound provided during my procedure was a big factor as to why I can be considered another great success story.