Case Study #1 – Young Man Experiencing Knee Pain

Recently, there was a young man who came into Dr. Singh’s clinic with pain behind his knee along the inside. He was beginning to feel very hypersensitive over the area which meant some superficial nerve branches were beginning to become involved. He had been to his family doctor, an orthopedist and even a naturopathic physician. He received medications, topical creams and even some injections in hopes his pain would be resolved. The only problem was; these modalities were not targeting the SOURCE of his pain which is why it continued to go unresolved.

After extensive diagnostic tests including, MSK Ultrasound, EMG and MRI (of which Dr. Singh developed the protocol) it was revealed he had a very small and very focal medial hamstring tendon tear. Because of the inflammation and scar tissue that developed as a result of this tear, the superficial nerves in the region had become effected. How could this occur without specific trauma to the area? As it turned out, Dr. Singh was able to determine that this young man had hypermobile joints, especially the knees, and his natural body position was putting excessive strain on the back inside portion of his knee. Any physical therapy he was doing to “treat knee pain” was only putting more strain and duress on this particular tendon; thereby making his symptoms worse and perpetuating the problem.

Once he confirmed his diagnosis, Dr. Singh decided to treat this issue using a regenerative therapy called amniotic allograft. With the assistance of MSK Ultrasound along with EMG, Dr. Singh isolated the small tear and injected the regenerative medicine directly into the damaged tissue. There was no guessing if it was getting to the affected area as it was able to be clearly visualized on the ultrasound screen. Dr. Singh was confident he was treating this patient with pin-point precision.

After a couple of weeks, the patients’ pain began to diminish. He was now able to proceed with a very specific physical therapy program, designed by Dr. Singh, to strengthen and stabilize the support structures around the knee. He ended up making a full recovery.

Best of health,

Rachel O’Grady, RMST
President and Founder, MSK GUIDE

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